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Charlie Sheard 2018

Exhibition Catalogue
August 2018

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Exhibition catalogue for Charlie Sheards's solo exhibition DIGONOS 2018. Essay by Dr Josephine Tourma.

'Fabulous 50' named and framed

Sydney Morning Herald
16 August 2018
Steve Meacham

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They're "the fabulous 50".

From the thousands of painters, sculptors, photographers, print-makers and digital media artists who studied at the National Art School, they have been chosen to represent the institution's impact on Australian culture over seven decades.


Todd Fuller donated an animated film about Captain Moonlight, the bushranger who was hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol - now the site of the NAS.

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Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
4-5 August 2018

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Contemporary artists including Jo Burzynska, David Capra, Melinda Le Guay and Bill Noonan exhibit pieces that focus on the sense of smell over vision in reminiSCENT.

Out & About: ReminiSCENT

Out & About: ReminiSCENT

The Weekend Australian
28-29 July 2018
Sophia Morrison

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ReminiSCENT exhibits contemporary artists who explore olfactory experiences. Strongly connected to emotion and memory, the bodily sense of smell portrays a contrast to our highly visual digital world. These scent-based works enforce a sense of intimacy between them and the audience, an added dimension of sensorial engagement. Featured artists include Liz Henderson, Jayne McSwiney and Archie Moore. Curated by Megan Fizell.

Arts Friday

89.7 Eastside FM
27 July 2018
Susie Lindeman

Radio interview with Megan Fizell, curator of reminiSCENT.

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'We shouldn't be labelled by our postcode'

Liverpool City Champion
26 July 2018
Madelaine Wong

Catherine O’Donnell’s latest art exhibition reminisces a suburbia filled with classic 1960s houses and overcrowded classrooms, inspired from her childhood at the Green Valley housing estate.

She hopes to recreate her experience through a drawing installation of modernist public housing that’s become somewhat iconic in the western Sydney landscape.

2168: Estate of tomorrow will showcase at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre from July 28 to September 16.

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Time Out Sydney
24 July 2018
Ben Neutze

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Treat your nose to some culture at this exhibition of contemporary artists working with scent


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The Quarterly 4.3

July 2018

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Exhibition information and news for the third quarter - July - September 2018 - at MAY SPACE. 

The Planner: MUGGED!

Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
23-24 June 2018

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Emerging, mid-career and established artists have created diverse interpretations of the faithful old mug as part of seasonal exhibition MUGGED! (pictured). In its final day, exhibition-goers who purchase a piece of the pottery will receive a complementary hot chocolate.

Art to warm the hands

Central Magazine
13 June 2018

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As part of Mugged! Waterloo's May Space Gallery has invited artists to make unique mugs that are wonderful to hold or simply behold. Each Saturday at 11am they are filling purchased mugs with a complementary hot beverage so the gallery-goers can escape the cold and enjoy the shows with a warming drink in hand. This Saturday is a coffee morning, while on June 23 it is all about hot chocolate.

Exhibition Brief: Matt Chun

Art Almanac
June 2018

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Multidisciplinary artist Matt Chun divides his time between Taipei, Sydney, and his permanent open studio in Bermagui - a small fishing village in the Bega Valley Shire and the source of inspiration for his latest series of work. This exhibition showcases 'memento mori and plein air travelogues in watercolour, pencil and mixed media,' says the artist. 'These introspective observational drawings represent the current phase of my ongoing creative engagement with the landscape, material and community of the far south coast of NSW (Yuin country).'

Paul White

Artist Profile
14 May 2018

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Paul White’s latest series of works on paper forms a snapshot of the Australian outback. Artist Profile chatted to the Victorian-based artist ahead of his exhibition opening at May Space Gallery.

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