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Iconic Sydney photographer C.Moore Hardy's grand finale

Star Observer
16 February 2016
Shannon Power

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C.MOORE Hardy has captured some of the most iconic moments of Sydney's queer scene for the past 35 years.

Now she has brought together her favourite photographs to show in a grand exhibition before turning her attention away from photography.

Hardy's exhibition Sydney, Sex & Subculture (historical, hysterical, & happy recollections of the queer community) is not only a culmination of almost four decades of documenting the local LGBTI culture but a way for Hardy to leave behind her legacy.


Western Sydney's landscape inspires latest crop of artists at Parramatta Artists Studios

The Sydney Morning Herald
12 February 2016
Andrew Taylor

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The alternative is a garage that is Saharan in summer and arctic in winter. So it is easy to understand why Catherine O'Donnell took up a residency at Parramatta Artists Studios. "It's also nice to leave my home and my garage to get away from the cooking and the cleaning," she says. "You know, grabbing washing off the line because it's going to rain. It helps me focus."


Debutantes. 12. Ashleigh Garwood

Art Collector #75
January-March 2016
Chloe Wolifson

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With analogue processes holding hipster-esque appeal in the face of the ubiquitousness of the digital, one needs to look beyond nostalgia-inducing filter effects to find strong contemporary photography. One promising exponent of the craft is Ashleigh Garwood, whose work fusing analogue and digital processes made its solo commercial gallery debut in May 2015 at Brenda May Gallery in Sydney. The exhibition, entitled Of Other Spaces, continued Garwood's ongoing investigation of photography's power to shape knowledge and extended it into an interrogation of the imagining of landscape.


The Quarterly 2.1

Summer 2016
Brenda May Gallery

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Exhibition information and news for the first quarter - January to March 2016 - at Brenda May Gallery.

Deck the Walls

Country Style
December 2015
Catherine McCormack

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Homage to the Everyday (Indigo) yarn installation by Al Munro from Brenda May Gallery.

The Planner. Visual Art. 30 Years/30 Artists/30 Works

SMH (Spectrum)
5-6 December 2015

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Brenda May Gallery is celebrating 30 years in the art business with a carefully curated exhibition from the archives. There are 30 works from 30 artists - one for each year the gallery has been operating.

20 things to see, hear. Art | 30 Years | 30 Artists | 30 Works

Sydney Morning Herald
4 December 2015
Sharne Wolff

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Brenda May celebrates 30 years in the gallery business with a retrospective exhibition, featuring work from many artists fostered during the period, including James Guppy, John Kelly, Carol Murphy (pictured) and Nicole Welch.

Wallpaper* City Guide - Sydney

Phaidon Press

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When the industrial suburb of Waterloo started to gentrify in 2001, arts patron Leo Christie developed 2 Danks Street, a complex of commercial galleries, each specialising in a different genre. Brenda May, for instance, represents emerging and established Australian talent including painter and printmaker Robert Boynes and Peter Tilley. Elsewhere, Utopia Art Sydney has a roster that features lauded painter Gloria Petyarre, as well as Papunya Tula artists from the Western Desert region; and Aboriginal & Pacific Art concentrates on contemporary indigenous works from all over the country.


30 Years | 30 Artists | 30 Works

Exhibition Catalogue
December 2015
Brenda May Gallery

Exhibition catalogue for the exhibition '30 Years | 30 Artists | 30 Works' 2015. Essays by Megan Fizell, Sascha Gianella, and Anna Lawrenson.

Available for purchase from the Gallery, $10 + postage.

Al Munro: Materiality and the Microscopic

Textile Fibre Forum
December 2015
Olivia Welch

Canberra born and based artist Al Munro uses textiles to merge the worlds of art, mathematics and science. A collector of fabrics and yarn of every texture and tone, Munro's affection for textiles is very clear.

Her passion for the exploration of ideas within this medium has ensured visually interesting results.


30 Years | 30 Artists | 30 Works

Art Almanac
December 2015/January 2016

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This year marks Brenda May's 30th year as a Gallery Director, from her early days at Access Art Gallery in Balmain, to Forest Lodge, and Redfern, to now at Brenda May Gallery at Danks Street. No matter which location, May says that over the last thirty years she has been fortunate to work, play, eat, drink and laugh with a great bunch of creative people that all have in common that, "they are artists who are passionate about what they do," says May, and "I believe have a meaningful contribution to make to the history of Australian Art."

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera coming to Sydney as part of the 2016 line-up at Art Gallery of NSW

Daily Telegraph
15 October 2015
Elizabeth Fortescue

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The Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial will run from July to December 2016 with works by artists Noel McKenna, Jumaadi, Richard Lewer, Maria Kontis, Catherine O'Donnell and Nyapanyapa Yunupingu.

Curator Anne Ryan said O'Donnell will do a scale wall drawing of a fibro house in her photo realistic style.

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