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The Quarterly 3.3

May 2017

Exhibition information and news for the third quarter - June - September 2017 - at MAY SPACE. ...more

Nicole Welch: Wildēornes Land

6 May 2017
Chloé Wolifson

At the heart of Nicole Welch's exhibition Wildēornes Land at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre is the work Wildēornes Body, a work the artist initially created as a standalone exhibit in the Kandos Museum for Cementa17. In Wildēornes Body the artist lies on a mirror wrapped in a mourning shawl, filmed in time-lapse as a pose of endurance. The work, created during a residency at BigCi artist residency near the Wollemi National Park, is the most personal work in the exhibition, using the artist's reflections on her experience of suffering from lupus, the autoimmune disease, to mirror breakdowns in the external landscape in mourning for losses affecting both inner and outer worlds. ...more

Off Grid

Art Almanac
May 2017
Chloe Mandryk

Structure, division, repetition and algorithms help us to navigate the everyday, organise ourselves, are key to appreciating the rhythms and patterns of the natural world and, as Rosalind Krauss argued in her seminal essay 'Grid' (1985) represent modernity in Western art history. With such conceptual and aesthetic meaning in mind Al Munro's practice and curatorial interest has developed as have her contemporaries, artists Emma Beer, Sally Blake, Julie Brooke, Kirsten Farrell, Jay Kochel and Wendy Teakel all on show in 'Off Grid'. ...more

Episode 1: Cementa17 Festival & Regional Arts

NAVA: in conversation
26 April 2017

The first episode features conversations with Ian Milliss, Aleisha Lonsdale, Nicole Welch, Sarah Waterson, Ann Finegan.


Listen online here: ...more

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Art Guide Australia
13 April 2017
Briony Downes

Gardens can provide both inspiration and refuge. Briony Downes spoke to six Australian artists about their passion for plants.


A long-time fan of Zen gardens, Mylyn Nguyen uses her serenely constructed inner city Sydney garden as direct inspiration for her drawings and sculptures. In Nguyen's work, tiny human figures interact with dream-like, moss covered creatures and handmade insects which seem as though they would not be out of place living amongst the plants in her bamboo lined garden. ...more

The Quarterly 3.2

March 2017

Exhibition information and news for the second quarter - March - May 2017 - at MAY SPACE. ...more

Art News

Vogue Living
March/April 2017
Freya Herring

Brenda May Gallery has relaunched as May Space in a new location in Sydney's Waterloo. Its first exhibition, Fourteen, runs until 25 March and features the work of the gallery's 14 artists, including Robert Boynes, whose dramatic The Red Sea (2016) is below. ...more

Galleries on the move

Art Almanac
March 2017

Several galleries are enriching their business by making moves around tow, in regional areas and overseas. In Sydney, opening with a new identity is MAY SPACE formerly Brenda May Gallery to all-new premises at 409b George Street, Waterloo presenting 'MAY SPACE: FOURTEEN' from 1 to 25 March. ...more


Art Guide Australia
March/April 2017
Tracey Clement

In 2001 the Danks Street arts complex opened in the then unfashionable Sydney suburb of Waterloo. Soon the neighbourhood was bristling with foodies, designer furniture outlets and high-rise apartments. In December 2016 the much-loved arts complex closed its doors to make way for yet another block of flats. Brenda May Gallery was one of the original Danks Street tenants. Her eponymous gallery is gone, but, after more than 30 years, Brenda May is still in business. ...more

The Elliott Eyes art collection: an extraordinary private treasure goes public in Erskineville

18 February 2017
Jacqui Taffel

The collection of mainly Australian and New Zealand works – 291 to be precise – has been assembled over 20 years. Now Elliott and Eyes have decided to open it to the public, showing small groups through the house by appointment. ...more

The Quarterly 3.1

Special Edition

Information about the launch of MAY SPACE and our relocation to 409b George Street, Waterloo. ...more

Books Unbound

December 2016
Megan Fizell

In 2011, American academic Garrett Stewart surveyed artists using books as a sculptural medium in Bookwork: Medium to Object to Concept to Art. In this text, he identifies 'bookworkers' as a group of artists who 'set about reworking a found volume rather than fashioning a new one for publication or display'. This essay will sample four contemporary 'bookworkers' engaging with bound books in involved, process- heavy methods. Whether it is through deconstruction and collage, tangible language mapping, physical alterations of the actual pages, or painstaking duplication, these artists ask us to reconsider the boundaries of the printed and bound book. ...more


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