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Sydney Contemporary seduces with animated flowers, charcoal houses and a live dingo

The Guardian
9 September 2017
Andrew Frost

The highlights of Sydney Contemporary are split between those works by artists you might already know but go beyond expectation, or artists unknown to you who have a mature and interesting practice. Of the first category, Catherine O’Donnell’s Urban Perspective installation at MAY SPACE is a delight. O’Donnell draws on paper with charcoal, producing exact, delicate 1:1 scale drawings of the windows, doors and screens of suburban fibro houses. ...more

Declan Greene's 'Moth' at the Australian Theatre for Young People

8 September 2017

The Australian Theatre for Young People presents playwright Declan Greene's "Moth," directed by Rachel Chant, with art by award-winning artist Todd Fuller. Todd Fuller produced 2600 charcoal drawings of moths for his hand-drawn animation to be projected across the rear of the set of "Moth." Rather than fluttering constantly throughout the play, the moths punctuate particular moments in the play and illustrate the "mental descent" of one of the characters, Fuller said. Fuller's work can be seen at the Sydney Contemporary art fair at Carriageworks through September 10, 2017. While he has worked with dancers, "Moth" is Fuller’s first working contact with theatre. ...more

Todd Fuller's moths are drawn to the footlights

The Daily Telegraph
6 September 2017
Elizabeth Fortescue

RACHEL Chant shares a desk at Waverley Council with award-winning artist Todd Fuller. Chant is council's theatre producer and Fuller is council's gallery and curatorial assistant.

So when Chant was chosen to direct Moth, a play by the Australian Theatre for Young People, she naturally turned to Fuller to help with the way the play would look. ...more

Catherine O'Donnell

Art Collector Special Edition
September 2017
Jessa Melicor

Catherine O'Donnell is a keen observer of everyday architectural forms and urban environments. She renders these subjects with precision. Her works often omit the presence of humans and in doing so, O'Donnell emphasises the elegance of the building structures themselves.
In 2017, O'Donnell will complete the Terrence and Lynette Fern Cité Internationale des Arts Residency Fellowship. She was also one of six artists selected for the second edition of the Dobell Australian Drawing Biennale in 2016. O'Donnell has previously completed residencies at Penrith Regional Art Gallery, Bundanon Trust and Parramatta Artists studios. ...more

News from Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

Western Advocate
17 August 2017
Penny May

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery will be re-opening its doors to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bathurst Art Fair on Thursday, September 28 at 6pm. ...more

The Quarterly 3.4

August 2017

Exhibition information and news for the fourth quarter -September-December 2017 - at MAY SPACE. ...more

Art: One Day I will Live in a Forest

11 August 2017
Elissa Blake and Katie Milton

Emerging artist Mylyn Nguyen's practice often adopts a whimsical approach. The autobiographical poem with this show presents as a playful description of living in a forest with animal characters. The story is materialised via the exploits of the koi fish in a series of painted paper sculptures including A Gift, pictured. ...more

Scientific Manipulation of Art at May Space Gallery, Waterloo

2ser 107.3
8 August 2017
Alex James

Scientific manipulation in Art. How could this encourage questions about humanity and our relationship with the environment? Coming up next we would be chatting to Claire Anna Watson about how her exhibition explores this. Claire Anna Watson's Neoplasm exhibition was designed to explore our humanity through our relationship to the environment and the scientific relationship of our food consumption.

Here to talk to us about her exhibition, the artist herself. ...more

Something Else is Alive: Sydney and the Animal Instinct

Art Almanac
August 2017

Glenn Barkley and Holly Williams o the Curators' Department write, "urbanised and sprawling, Sydney is deeply urbane yet paradoxically wild", arguing that our lives, architecture and intuition are tightly woven with the animal kingdom. Artists Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Blak Douglas, Mylyn Nguyen and Garry Trinh present cross-media works in street photography, video and ceramics alongside a collection of animalia gifts received by the City of Sydney, and objects from the Australian National Maritime Museum. ...more

Robert Boynes: Modern Times

Art Almanac
August 2017

White canvas breathes through silk-screened layers of black, red, and yellow paint to form compositions that suggest urban landscapes. Robert Boynes draws inspiration from contemporary photographs, his own and from other sources, and interprets the effects that technology, fast-paced living, transience, displacement, public surveillance, war and climate change have on society both in the private and public domains. This vibrant and telling body of work made over two decades expresses the fragilities of human existence in contemporary society. ...more

Visual Art: Five Decades

15-16 July 2017
Katie Milton

This exhibition traces the five-decade career of established Australian artist Robert Boynes and the evolution of his visual and conceptual style, from his vibrant neo-pop paintings of the 1960s to the multi-layered screen prints made in the '90s. ...more

On the stage of his canvas: Robert Boynes's 'Modern Times' at the Drill Hall Gallery

Art Monthly Australasia
13 July 2017
Patsy Payne

In his paintings, Robert Boynes delves underneath the surface of the city, dissolving narratives, blurring edges, creating incandescent figures from the excised fragments captured in the frame of his camera. He conjures the metropolis as a complex set of spaces and structures where individuals work and live together, inhabiting streets and offices, negotiating interwoven infrastructures of transport and communication which operate diagonally, horizontally, vertically and virtually. The complex hive-like nature of the city brings individuals together and also separates them. ...more


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